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Welcome to Magic 52

Expert close-up Magician Steve specialises in all aspects of close up magic, classic magic and sophisticated mentalism.

Weddings: Entertaining guests as they arrive at the reception. A mingling, friendly Magician is the perfect way to make people feel at ease, give them a laugh, and help them to start speaking with other guests they may not already know; the perfect ice breaker. further magic ‘at the table’ between courses keeps everybody entertained throughout the dining phase. We can also supply a full stage magic show as part of the evening’s entertainment, including sophisticated Derren Brown style mentalism and classic magic.

Restaurants: Close up magic at the table between courses helps to keep your diners engaged and entertained. An added advantage is that any course delays will go unnoticed.

Corporate: Corporate events can benefit by the addition of a close up act in which the corporate message or brand identity can be woven into the magical effects.

Trade Shows: An entertaining Magician is the perfect way to bring the crowd to your stand, keep them there and plug your product and service, giving you a big advantage over the other exhibitors.

Strolling Magic: At any event, cocktail party, or gathering, strolling magic brings people together into small groups and helps people to meet and mingle.

Street Magic: To promote a brand, PR event, or anything other event that needs to attract people. This is also ideal for new shop openings or promotions.

Charity Events: Speak to us about supplying top quality professional magic for your charity event.

Speaking Engagements: Steve is a highly experienced speaker and presenter, for live events or television. Steve also specialises in highly entertaining gambling cheating demonstrations. Ideal for a casino themed event. The stories and history of gambling cheats adds atmosphere to the presentation.